The guide for your personal growth and success



Do you also know this feeling in your life, that you are standing with one foot on the gas pedal and with the other on the brake? You are somehow stuck, you stagnate, but actually want more in life, but it does not work?

You sit with your butt in the kettle over the fire, you have the bow in your grip, the arrow is inserted, the string is taut ... but ... Something seems to prevent you. "When you die sometime, all potentials and chances leave your body, look at you badly and grumble that they were not brought to life and they have to try it again in another body."(cf. Les Brown)You say to yourself "Please not again such a motivational stuff, I want finally a way out! A guide, a step-by-step plan that will get me to the place I've been dreaming of for so long, with ease and the speed of light!"? And do you know exactly this feeling, this inner restlessness and dissatisfaction, this inner call for MORE, for your magnificence that wants to be lived?!

Are you ready to receive exactly this guidance now and move towards your new, extraordinary life? In order to achieve this, I will transfer strategies and tools of the most successful people on this planet to your life, so that you can easily apply and implement the next level concepts and processes.I have written this book for people who really and seriously intend to develop, to release their inner brakes and thereby, with the help of this book, will continuously work on themselves to reach the next level. These almost 300 pages are in no way meant to be part of a so-called self-optimization mania, but an offer. A sincere offer to you, the person, to get out of the old shoes, into light, bright and energetic shoes that fit only you, like a glove.
Imagine you now enter a supermarket. You put the chip into the shopping cart and stroll through the store. The beauty: You can take everything you like! What you don't like you just leave where it is. And finally, you go to the checkout and the cashier says with a smile, "I've already paid for it!