Bjoern in the early 80's in a middle class family, in the heart of the Ruhr area, in Germany, Björn was in various responsible roles very early in his school years, always disliking the school system. Through his neuroscientific knowledge, he now knows that school mostly unfortunately has very little to do with brain-based learning. 

 He spent most of his free time on the soccer field, where he played and coached.

After a turbulent time at school, Björn studied adult education with a focus on psychology and organizational development, which he completed very successfully with a diploma (comparable to a master's degree). During his studies he completed an internship at the European Association for Adult Education in Helsinki (Finland), as well as at the German Institute for Adult Education and came into contact and exchange with the leading heads of the European adult education scene.

He spent his weekends, among other things, educating himself at seminars and moderating the stadium program in Germany's largest soccer stadium (82,000 spectators). In addition, he has been doing charity work for ages. As a small child, he already donated half of his pocket money out of conviction and with joy.

At this time it was already clear that Björn's heart (besides soccer) beats for human resources & organizational development, so that he spent the following 11 years (tbc.) in various companies as a manager in the area of learning & development with and without leadership responsibility. As he sees himself as a cosmopolitan, he enjoys working internationally with people from different cultures. In doing so, he often acts as a bridge builder.


He has a sympathetic nature and behaves empathetically and affably towards others.
Spurred on by challenges, he shows ingenuity in overcoming them. He looks for the good in every situation. His vivid imagination constantly prompts him to put his ideas into practice into reality.

Björn Beil has great personal charm and can play many different roles.
He is particularly interested in the future potential of the people around him. He could be very if he is betrayed or sees no way to tackle important changes in his life.
important changes in his life. It could be that he initiates many projects. Repetitive, regular tasks that become routine over time are highly become routine, are highly uninteresting and demotivating for him.

Björn Beil can develop more ideas, possibilities and plans in a single day than others in an entire month. He thrives on work where he can offer his support and use his persuasive offer his support and use his powers of persuasion. He may have experienced that rewarding success comes only after a hard setback.

Socially engaged and always trying to make sure that everyone is doing well, he tends to make this the ideal of a perfect relationship. Since he is capable of a number of projects at the same time, Björn Beil finds great pleasure in the social aspects of his work.

He is willing to try almost anything, but his work should include many activities instead of just being theoretical. He lets others handle the more technical aspects of a
of a project so that he can focus all his energy on creating a cooperative and enjoyable and enjoyable environment. He reaches his peak performance when working with people. He does not like tasks that are merely about accuracy on the job and he needs room for the human aspects. He is good at improvising and places a lot of value on doing favors for others. He is cordial and adheres to the philosophy "live and let live".

Björn Beil finds a large part of his fulfillment in life in offering others his help and support to others.

He experiences his environment as inviting, challenging, and stimulating. When it is not, he tries to create that atmosphere. Björn Beil is energetic, enthusiastic, responsible, and at the same time conscientious and convincing. He takes every opportunity to build new relationships and to keep customer/supplier contacts alive.

... with passion for people & football

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