Björn Beil

People Development with impact on business

Fields of Expertise


Leadership Development

Coaching (for Performance)

Talent Management

Team Development

Learning & Development 2.0




Bridge builder between business units & in change processes

Executive Consultant

Intercultural Communication

Presenter & Moderator

Coach for mental health

Management Consultant

Mental health (ambassador) Trainer

Mental Health Strategy Builder

Make a racehorse out of a good performer rather than an average performer out of a plow horse.

Björn Beil has always been passionate about helping others develop personally and professionally and reach their own potential.

As a professional, international experienced Learning & Development Manager, specialist in leadership development, talent management, culture development and mental health, Björn has a broad industry diversification, so he quickly adapts and identifies with new environments and industries. 

His success so far is based on the awareness that people development should not be done with a one size fits all approach and on his values 

- empathy
- passion
- appreciation 
- openness.

As a member of the Corporate Learning Community, he is always up to date with the latest developments in Learning & Development.


Europe's largest renewable energy infrastructure project
11 bill. € CapEx


Chellanging today, reinventing tomorrow

Position: Head of Learning & Development & Culture

"Few people care as much as you do. You see every individual person at SuedLink and take a genuine interest in each one. With your honest way, you make people feel better and think more about things or situations, in order to develop 
personal development. Towards people you are honest, friendly, 
charming, funny, but also very serious when the situation requires it.
You are full of energy for people and their well-being. For all those who do not dare
to speak up for themselves or are worried that they will not be taken seriously. You bring 
each of us to pay attention to and support our own health and that of our colleagues. 
support them.

Because of your warmth and nature, you are a highly respected SuedLink member, 
who is appreciated, liked and respected by all.


For me YOU have the power to make every  individual SuedLink member and to put people in focus. Above all 
you also someone we are proud to be embodied by! With you, we can 
be sure that your energy is being used for the right thing and not just happening on the surface. Your role in SuedLink can be filled by many people, but no other person is living that role as you do, and I am certain that no other person in this position can embody 
and achieve as much as you can.​"

SuedLink employee

Bochum, Nordrhein Westfalen, Deutschland

100% mobil